24-in Xtreme Zip Tie 300-lb/Glow/(6 Pack)

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24-in Xtreme Zip Tie 300-lb/Glow/(6 Pack)

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Xtreme Rubber/Nylon Zip Tie
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Description: These 24 Inch glow in the dark cable ties have a tensile strength of 300 lbs and come 6 to a pack along with a cobra cutting tool. These ties are perfect for heavy duty outdoor use and are resistant to extreme temperatures.

 Size  24 Inch
 Color  Glow in the Dark
 Units/Pack  6 Pack                  
 Tensile Strength  300 LBS                       
 UV Resistant?   Yes
 Temperature Range  -Can withstand Extreme Cold and Hot

Uses: Secure / Repair any broken object in the home or farm and secure objects while boating, hunting, fishing, camping with applications in automotive, ATV’s, heavy duty electrical cable ties, industrial uses.

Instructions: Simply insert strap end into the inside slot and pull to tighten around object. Once strap is secure with desired tension; push in (depress) the off colored double lock as far as it will go into the locking head. This locks the strap and can not be loosened after double lock is depressed. It can continue to tighten if the strap is pulled further.

Additional Information

Length (in.) 24"
Width (in.) 1/2"
Max Bundle Diameter 5.5"
Tensile Strength 300-lb
UL Listed? Yes
Temperature Range -60 F to 538 F
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