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About us: We Love Zip ties

At, we firmly believe that zip ties should be used everywhere for anything. As you can probably tell, we have a deep passion for these handy little plastic ties. We love spending our spare time coming up with new uses for them. (And yes, we still have friends.) Cable ties are extremely valuable items to own. That's why our mission is to ensure every home has a pack or two, preferably from :D

High Quality Zip Ties, Unbelievable Prices

When it comes to purchasing cable ties, don't settle for your local hardware and supply store. At, we promise our customers 3 things: low price guarantee, quality ties, and speedy shipping. If any of those peak your interest, you can browse our catalog here.
We understand the true cost of manufacturing zip ties. By purchasing directly from specialized cable tie manufacturers, we’re able to cut out the middlemen and pass real savings onto our customers. We purchase our cable ties from a highly specialized zip tie manufactures. Our quality is the same, if not better than any major cable tie retailer
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History Lesson Section 

The Mighty Cable Tie Origin Story: The cable tie was invented in 1958 under the Thomas & Betts company for use in airplane wire harnesses. Maurus C. Logan, an employee and later Vice President of Research and Development is recognized as the sole inventor of the cable tie. Since the late 1950’s, cable tie usage has come a long way. You'd be surprised by all the unique things you can do with zip ties. Check out our blog to see what creative uses we’ve come up with. 

Marcus C. Logan who invented cable ties 

We pay homage to the father of cable ties, Maurus C. Logan, (1921-2007) 

Please join us for a moment of silence...
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