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Extern / Low-Profile

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UL Listed Mark
Extern / Low-Profile Zip Ties
  • Applications where having a protruding or sharp tail sticking out is less than ideal.
  • Black ties, made of UV weather resistant 6/6 nylon for outdoor use where exposed to sunlight.
  • One piece self locking construction.
  • Temperature Rating -40 F to 185 F

Low-Profile Zip Ties

There are endless ways to utilize low-profile zip ties due to their one-piece, self-locking construction and UV weather resistant 6/6 nylon. These zip ties are ideal for outdoor use and for projects where you don’t mind if the tail of the tie sticks out. With many different extern zip tie lengths available, it’s important to make sure you know what sizes you need to complete your project. Low-profile zip ties are durable, versatile, and constructed with UV resistant 6/6 nylon. With packs that contain up to 100 zip ties, see what a low-profile cable tie from can do for your next project. Same-day shipping and LTL shipping are also available with us.

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