Screw Mount

High Quality Zip Ties, Unbelievable Prices

UL Listed Mark
Screw Mount Cable Ties
  • Screw mounting hole on the end makes it simple to secure.
  • Bundle and mount your cable, wire, pipe, etc to a wall or other structure with one easy to use tie.
  • Most mounting ties from are UL Listed
  • Made of High Quality Natural 6/6 nylon or UV Resistant Black 6/6 nylon.

Screw Mountable Cable Ties

We make finding screw mountable cable ties easy with our large selection of versatile, strong, durable, and reliable options. Our quality screw mount zip ties come in many different lengths, types, tensile strength options, and pack sizes, so you can find the best option for your needs. Whether you need a few screw mount zip ties for cable organization or you need them in bulk for a large office setting, we have the tools and products you need to make tasks simple. We strongly believe that screw mountable cable ties and zip ties can be used for anything; with our screw mount cable ties, the possibilities are endless. We offer LTL shipping, as well as same-day shipping.