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Tie Mounts

  1. Natural
  2. Black
Length (in.)

High Quality Zip Ties, Unbelievable Prices

UL Listed Mark
Zip Tie Mounts
  • Keep cables and wire bundled and organized.
  • Zip tie mounts with adhesive backing and screw mounting.
  • Low profile design takes up very little space.
  • 1" x 1" w/ center screw mounting hole
  • 4 way entry allows for convenient zip tie application.
  • Made of High Quality natural or black 6/6 nylon.

Zip Tie Mounting Pads

At, we provide zip tie mounting pads that help make zip tie installation simple and convenient. Each square mounting pad has a self-adhesive backing that will easily stick to the surface you want. Zip tie mounting pads are the perfect way to keep your cables organized, and have a convenient and easy installation process. Our versatile and durable zip tie mounts take up minimal space, and they’re made with high-quality natural or black 6/6 nylon. We make it simple to find all your zip tie accessories and supplies, so you can keep your cables and wire bundles organized. LTL shipping and same-day shipping options are available.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)