Color Ties

Colorful Zip Ties

  • UL Listed; High Quality 6/6 Nylon
  • For Indoor Use
  • All packs include a 100 cable ties in a single color
  • Available Sizes: 4", 8", or 11"
  • Available Colors: Brown, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

Colored Zip Ties

When it comes to finding colored zip ties, we’re the premier source for versatile colored ties. Our pack size options, tensile strength choices, and various tie lengths provide a vast selection to choose from. Our color selection has many options perfect for any use or project. All the colored zip ties we offer have unique features, which includes indoor use, high-quality 6/6 nylon, and they’re UL listed. Our colored zip ties are perfect for everyday use; organize your cables, or hang up decorations. Explore the many possibilities you can use colored zip ties for, and browse our selection to find the perfect zip ties for you. We also offer LTL shipping and same-day shipping.

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