Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Zip Ties

  • Black UV ties are designed for extended exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet light
  • Heavy Duty range from 120 LBS to 175 LBS Tensile Strength
  • For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Temperature Rating: -40 F to 185 F

Heavy-Duty Zip Ties

We carry durable and versatile heavy-duty zip ties built for long lasting use for both the indoors and outdoors. There are countless ways to use heavy-duty zip ties that will simplify whatever project or everyday task you need to do. Heavy-duty zip ties can safely secure many different items, and they have the ability to withstand harsh environments. Whether you need just a few zip ties or require bulk options, we have multiple pack sizes available. We also have various heavy-duty zip tie length options, and even tensile strength options, so you can find the best solution for your project. We also provide LTL shipping, and even same-day shipping, if you need it.