Light Duty

Light Duty Cable Ties

  • 18 lb. to 50 lb.tensile strength
  • Great for home and office organization
  • Easy to use and secure
  • Hundreds of applications for tidying up and wire management
  • Not UL Listed

Light-Duty Quality Zip Ties

At, we provide versatile light-duty quality zip ties at discounted prices that feature two different colors, various length options, multiple tensile strengths, and different pack sizes to choose from. We make it simple to find strong and durable light-duty zip ties that are easy to use and ideal for indoor home use and are great for office organization. You have the option to purchase our light-duty zip ties in both bulk and smaller packs, so they can suit your needs. We believe you can use light-duty quality zip ties everywhere, and for everything, to help make your life simple. We provide same-day shipping and LTL shipping.

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