About ZipTie.com: Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Zip Ties

Welcome to ZipTie.com: Your Trusted Supplier of High-Quality Zip Ties

ZipTie.com manufactures and distributes a wide selection of cable ties and security seals throughout the United States. Since 2016, ZipTie.com has set the standard by providing high quality cable ties and security seals at wholesale pricing. We only use high quality Nylon 6/6 and most of our ties meet UL standards. We offer large stock quantities, same-day shipping, and can produce custom security seal orders within days. When you call us, someone will immediately take your call and give you a quote. We don’t make you jump through any hoops. You can buy as few as a single pack of zip ties to as many as a truck load of cable ties - we’ll provide you with whatever you need.

Our Story: How ZipTie.com Became the Leading Provider of Zip Ties

ZipTie started in 2016 as a way to try to cut out the middleman. Our founders saw that large big box retailers were charging huge prices for cable ties and thought there must be a better way: enter ZipTie.com, the idea for a wholesale distribution platform for cable ties. Over 7 years, the company has grown exponentially; we started as a small 450-sq-ft warehouse and now we occupy over 50,000-sq-ft of space. We attribute the bulk of our growth to excellent customer service that makes it easy for our customers to come back again and again. In 2021, based on customer requests, we saw the need to expand into security seals. ZipTie.com offers fast production lead times on security seals of 1-2 days compared to our competitors’ 2-3 months.

Find the Perfect Zip Ties for Any Application at ZipTie.com

We offer all types of zip ties from as short as 4 inches long to as long as 60 inches long in several different colors. Our ties range in tensile strength from 18 lbs to 175 lbs. Our heavy-duty cable ties range in strength from 120 to 175 lbs; these ties are 5/16” wide compared to standard cable ties, which are 3/16” wide. Our most unique product is the 75-lb cable tie - it has the same dimensions and price as a 50-lb tie; however, our design features ridges on the top and bottom of the tie that increase the strength of the tie by 25 lbs using the same amount of nylon. Our ties are made of high quality nylon 6/6 and most of our ties are UL-listed. Besides standard cable ties, we also offer grade 304 stainless steel metal cable ties, beaded cable ties, plenum cable ties, handcuff cable ties, double loop cable ties, screw mount cable ties, and fuel hose cable ties. For extra-heavy-duty applications, we also offer options up to 350-lbs tensile strength.

Quality You Can Count On: Our Commitment to Providing the Best Zip Ties

At ZipTie we only use high quality nylon 66 resin sourced from Ascend in the United States.  Some competitors will try to cut costs by using nylon 6 instead of the more robust nylon 66. If you drive your fingernail into a cable tie and you can easily see an indentation, the tie was made with nylon 6; nylon 66 is the superior resin because it’s 33% more scratch resistant and has a 33% longer lifespan due to its stronger rigidity and crystalline structure.

In addition to using quality materials, our ties are also UL-Listed - this means that they have been independently tested and pass the specifications and defined requirements outlined by Underwriters Laboratories. Our commitment doesn’t end there; we also test every batch of cable ties in-house to assure their quality before sending them to customers. One of the primary ways we measure the quality of our cable ties is to measure the listed tensile strength, or the maximum load the cable tie can support without breaking.

An Example of our Quality Control

We want to make sure that every customer is happy. If you have any problems with your order, you can always reach us at +1-(855)-947-8433.

Serving Customers Across Industries: Discover Who Relies on ziptie.com

ZipTie focuses mainly in the B2B space and ships pallets via LTL. Our main customers are large manufacturers that use cable ties as a part of their manufacturing process. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as an integral part of their supply chain. We take pride that we have plenty of domestic warehouse stock that is ready to ship as well as our ability to quickly spin up large container size orders in a short time.

The Future of the Zip Tie Industry: How ziptie.com is Pioneering Change

Our goal over the next 10 years is to become the dominant cable tie supplier in the United States and to expand into several other categories, including security seals, by offering excellent customer service and fast shipping and delivery times.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Products and Services

For over 7 years we have been determined to provide the highest level of quality products and customer service. ZipTie.com offers same-day shipping until 3pm EST, excellent customer service, and we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. If you have any problems at all or you just need a quote, feel free to call us at +1-(855)-947-8433.

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