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  • Colorful Zip Tie Window Curtains

    cable ties, zip ties, window use for cable ties, colored cable ties, zip tie curtain, 8" colored cable tiesIf you're bored of black or white window curtains and looking for a creative way to decorate your window, look no further! With only several packs of cable ties and a curtain rod, you'll have the most colorful windows in the neighborhood! This simple activity is extremely entertaining and will take less than 30 minutes. Fun for all ages!

    What you'll need:

    • 8" colored ties
    • Curtain rod or tension rod
    • Thumbtack, nail, screw or hook (optional)
    • Pencil (optional)
    • Power drill or hammer (optional)


    **If you need to purchase zipties for this project, use coupon code ZIPTIECURTAIN at checkout to receive 12% off your order. :-) 


    Step 1: Making the Chains

    Create looped cable tie chains the length of your window. You can use one solid color for the entire curtain or alternate colors throughout the chain. Depending on the size of your window, you may want to create between 10 and 20 chains.

    guide to creating window curtain, cabile tie curtain Make chains by connecting multiple cable ties


    Step 2: Attach Chains to Rod and Window

    Slide zip tie chains onto curtain rod or tension rod and tighten against window. Straighten chains evenly across window. Make sure tension rod is able to secure the weight of the cable tie chains.

    zip ties colored, fun things to do with zip ties, Slide Chains onto Curtain Rod


    Curtains hanging on rod Tighten curtain rod into window frame and spread evenly across rod


    Step 3: Creating a Tieback (Optional)

    If you want to create a tieback for your new ziptie curtain, you'll need to make one more small chain, either a solid color or multiple. Wrap the small chain around the dangling curtain chains and pull them towards the edge of your window. Mark with a pen or pencil your desired mounting location. Insert a thumbtack, nail or hook where you have marked the wall. Hang your small chain tieback onto thumbtack or nail or hook.

    curtain tieback, zip ties, 8 inch cable ties, things to do with zip ties Create one final small chain for use as a curtain tieback

    cable ties, zip ties, window use for cable ties, colored cable ties Wrap small chain around draping chains and pull towards edge of window

    cable ties, zip ties, window use for cable ties, colored cable ties, zip tie curtain, 8" colored cable ties Mount cable tie chain to thumbtack, nail or hook

  • Zip Tie Hanging Doorway Entry

    Cable tie doorway curtains make for great accent decor for parties, birthdays and special events! Create simple looped zip tie chains in any color and attach them to your ceiling or door frame! Add as many as desired for full door coverage. The images in this post include 600 8" colored cable ties. Enjoy!






  • Keep classroom desks together

    Tired of your students rearranging your classroom? Well worry no more, a quick fix with a zip tie will keep the little angels in place :)


    School desks

  • Flower Power

    Keep wedding flowers secured to their chairs at your next [hopefully last] wedding!
    wedding flowers

  • Zip Tie Security--Travel bags

    Secure your backpack or luggage with a quick zip!


    Secure bag

  • No Bumper No Cry

    Fasten your car bumper with a few handy zip ties!

    car bumper

  • Tarp Shelter

    Secure a tarp shelter using a tree and a zip tie when the rain hits on a camping trip!

    hang tarp for shelter



  • Fun with Zip Tie scorpions !



  • Cool Zip Tie Earrings!

    earrings 3

  • Dinning Room Chandelier

    Creative Chandelier for the home!


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