Are Black Zip Ties Strong?

Really, all zip ties (aka cable ties) are strong—including black zip ties. For example, nylon heavy duty UV resistant zip ties contain carbon black, making them one of the best zip ties for outdoor use. But why are black zip ties UV resistant? During the molding process, carbon stabilizers are added to the nylon resin which slow the rate of radiation and help protect black zip ties from wear and tear caused by exposure to the elements. Without carbon black, excessive exposure to radiation will quickly cause zip ties to lose flexibility and break.

Aside from UV resistance, all types of zip ties bring different—and useful—strengths to the table. In this blog we’ll go over what makes heavy zip ties so mighty and list a few of the strongest zip ties available.

Why Are Zip Ties So Strong?

Zip ties are tough by design and are built to withstand the harshest environments and extremely heavy loads. Even NASA trusts zip ties enough to secure equipment on Mars rovers! When assessing the durability and power of any cable tie model, it’s important to review the tensile strength of zip ties. Tensile strength is the maximum stress or load a material can withstand without sustaining damage or losing functionality. At, the tensile strength of our heavy duty zip ties ranges from 120 pounds to 350 pounds. Some of the strongest zip ties out there include: heavy duty metal zip ties, heavy duty nylon zip ties, and various specialty heavy duty cable ties. Let’s look at each of these categories in more detail.

Heavy Duty Metal Zip Ties

Made from stainless steel, heavy duty metal zip ties are considered to be the strongest models. So, are metal zip ties stronger than plastic? Although nylon zip ties are strong, their tensile strength is lower than metal options. Our heavy duty metal zip ties have tensile strengths of 200 to 350 pounds and come in lengths of 5 inches to 26.7 inches. They also offer a host of other durability benefits, including: 

  • The ability to withstand extreme temperatures (-112 to 1000 °F)
  • Flexibility for outdoor, indoor, and underground use cases
  • UV, chemical, and fire resistance

Heavy Duty Nylon Zip Ties

Although heavy duty metal zip ties are the strongest models available, nylon zip ties are still extremely durable and useful. At, our heavy duty nylon zip ties possess tensile strengths of 120 pounds to 175 pounds and come in two types: natural and black UV resistant, which we discussed earlier. They also have the ability to: 

  • Withstand temperatures from -40 to 185 °F
  • Adjust to a wide range of environments
  • Resist bases, oils, greases, oil derivatives, and chloride solvents

Because nylon is a fairly affordable material, these zip ties are typically lower in price compared to metal options. Lastly, heavy duty nylon zip ties come in lengths ranging from 8 inches to 60 inches, making them very versatile and suited for many different applications.

Specialty Heavy Duty Cable Ties

For more specific use cases, you might need one of these specialty heavy duty zip ties to get the job done.  

  • Beaded Double Loop: Beaded double loop cable ties merge the strengths of double loop and beaded technologies which enables two bundles of cable to be held together using a single cable tie. Our heavy duty beaded double loop cable ties have tensile strength to withstand 120 pounds.
  • External/Low-Profile: Ideal for smaller spaces, external/low-profile cables are designed to make sure nothing catches on the head of the cable tie. Our heavy duty external/low-profile ties have tensile strength to withstand 120 pounds.

  • Screw Mount: Screw mount cable ties come with an additional mechanism that enables you to secure them with screws. These cable ties are typically used to secure wire bundles alongside various surfaces. Our heavy duty screw mount cable ties have tensile strength to withstand 120 pounds.

What Is Stronger Than Zip Ties? Honestly, Not Much.

Of course zip ties are strong on their own, but the effort and care your zip tie supplier takes makes a difference, too. At, we offer high-quality and durable products with great service. Our in-house testing and quality assurance practices ensure that all of our products are ready to take on your toughest jobs. If something isn’t up to standard, we’ll replace or refund your order with no hassle. What’s more, we offer same day shipping and expedited shipping options so you aren’t kept waiting.

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