Which Cable Ties Are Best?

If you’re looking for the right zip ties for the job, it might be difficult to find which tie will is best suited for your needs. Don’t worry! We’re going to explain which ties work best for different applications like automotive, construction, and even at-home builds. With all of the cable tie classifications on the market, you don’t want to use the wrong one for your project. 

Here are a few factors to think about when deciding on the best cable tie for your usage:

  • Purpose
  • Durability and flexibility
  • Length

Determining which cable tie is best will be heavily dependent on the use cases. When considering the purpose of cable ties in your industry, it’s best to understand what functions they will be used for before you buy thousands of ties that won’t work for your needs. Will they be holding scaffolding? Are they being used for personal home networking? 

Once you know the purpose of the cable ties, you can figure out which durability you’ll need. Are the cable tie materials: 

  • Weather resistant, able to withstand extreme temperatures, and chemical resistant?
  • Able to withstand heavy forces?
  • Used by contractors, electricians, and other professionals OR primarily for home and office applications?
  • Reusable or one-time use?

Of course, you’ll also want to use cable ties that are long enough to secure your materials. Ties come in sizes as short as 4 inches and up to 60 inches, which means the applications are endless and you should be able to find a tie to meet your needs.

So what are the best zip ties for certain industries and applications? Let’s dive in.

What Are the Best Zip Ties for Construction?

The best cable ties used in the construction industry are heavy duty, ultra heavy duty, and 316 stainless steel.

Heavy duty cable ties, which are ideal for demanding situations, are commonly used to bundle and suspend heavy weight. They can be used to hold scaffolding netting and sheeting as well as the scaffolding itself. Heavy duty cable ties are made with sturdy, long-lasting materials to bear the weight of cords that are heavier than usual. Most heavy-duty zip ties are made to support loads of between 175 and 250 pounds. One of the toughest cable ties in the industry is ultra heavy duty, which can hold bundles weighing up to 250 lbs. These ties have higher break points than heavy duty even at lower temperatures.

Type 316 stainless steel cable ties offer protection to high temperatures and corrosion. They offer exceptional chemical resistance while being weatherproof. Even in the worst environments and temperatures, they continue to function well. Steel cable ties are designed to be used in conditions where strength, vibration, extreme corrosion, and weathering are all factors.

What Are the Best Zip Ties for the Automotive Industry?

Chemical and heat resistance should be your top priorities if your cable ties will be installed inside an automobile. Your cable ties must be able to tolerate extreme conditions in addition to resisting oils, greases, and gasoline. 

For automotive applications, you should consider push mount cable ties that are UV94 V-2 rated, UV94 heat-stabilized, and serviceable to 239°F. This will ensure they can withstand the conditions inside an engine and other automotive components. Additionally, stainless steel cable ties provide great resistance to extreme temperatures and deterioration within a vehicle. Other ties to consider: standard cable ties, screw or adhesive cable tie mounts, and sharp tip cable ties are further types of cable ties used in automobile applications, though they are less resistant to high temperatures and other factors like vibration.

What Are the Best Zip Ties for Outdoor Use?

If you’re looking for the longest lasting outdoor ties, stainless steel cable ties have a high tensile strength—or the force it can withstand—which is helpful for tough outside applications. Additionally, they can withstand temperatures as high as 1000°F and as low as -328°F. The two types of stainless steel used in cable ties are 304 and 316. Type 304 is used for standard, non-industrial purposes, including both indoor and outdoor projects.

Black, UV resistant standard and heavy duty cable ties are also used for outdoor applications but tend to last between one year and five years. However, black cable ties are useful for a variety of purposes that need continuous maintenance.

What Are the Best Zip Ties for PC Cable Management?

For home PC cable management, standard and hook and loop (Velcro) cable ties are the most popular. Standard cable ties should be used in more permanent cable runs that don’t require a lot of maintenance, like home networking ethernet runs. If you’re consistently changing cables and working with your PC, a hook and loop cable is recommended, as it is easy to remove and adjust cables before retying and securing it.

Which Cable Ties Are the Strongest?

Stainless steel cable ties are the strongest, with a tensile strength of up to 350 pounds. They have several advantages over standard nylon ties, as they are more weather resistant and offer overall higher durability. Are metal zip ties stronger than plastic? Yes, metal zip ties and ultra heavy duty ties are stronger than standard zip ties, because the tensile strength doubles from the heavy duty 175 pounds to 350 pounds.

Heavy duty and ultra heavy duty cable ties are the strongest nylon ties, with a tensile strength of up to 175 and 300 pounds respectively.

The Best Quality Zip Ties

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