How Are Containers Security-Sealed?

Supply chain security has become mission critical over the past several years. Not only does it help to facilitate tamper-free shipments, but it also empowers companies to fight against issues like illegitimate trading and terrorism. How does it all work? There are a number of different tools and methods, from enacting cybersecurity efforts to installing security seals on your shipping containers.

In this blog, we’re exploring a simple but important question: how do you seal a freight container? Keep reading to find out how using a high security truck seal, bolt seal, or pull tight seal can help ensure your shipments remain secure across the entire chain of custody.

What Are Container Seals?

A container seal is a device that secures a shipping trailer as it travels from one location to the next. These seals are most frequently used in the shipment of commercial food and beverage products where it’s absolutely critical to know whether or not the products inside a container have been tampered with. Along with helping to ensure quality control and tamper resistance, security seals for containers also help businesses track shipments to their ultimate destination.

There are a few different types of seals—which we’ll talk about later in this article—and they come in a variety of strengths, sizes, colors, and more. Companies generally choose a security seal based on what kind of container(s) they ship with and whether there are any regulations they must meet.

How Does a Security Seal Work?

Container seals are one-time-use devices. Depending upon the type of shipping container seal you’re using, you’ll either wrap it around one or more locking mechanisms or secure a door latch.

While applying a seal is fairly straightforward, the magic of security seals lies in the details. Each one comes with a custom seal number printed or laser-engraved onto it. Why is the seal number important? Security seals must be broken in order to access the goods inside a container. Once the seal is broken, an identical one cannot be reapplied because each seal number is unique. If the numbers don’t align with shipping documentation, there is a high likelihood that the shipment has been tampered with.

What Are the Types of Container Seals?

There are three primary container seal types to choose from: bolt seals, pull tight seals, and truck seals. 

  • Bolt Seals: Bolt seals are the most secure type of seal. They are predominately used on trailer and container door latches, especially for maritime or international transportation purposes. Bolt seals are typically made from stainless steel and plastic. With a break strength of around 3,000 pounds, a bolt cutter is generally required to remove them. At, our bolt seals are classified by the U.S. Customs as high security, and they conform with both the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17712.
  • Pull Tight Seals: Pull tight seals are used for trailer door, rail car, tote bag, and drum security purposes. Pull tight seals are available in plastic, with lengths ranging from 9 inches to 18 inches. At, our pull tight seals have break strengths that range from 45-60 pounds. While this might initially seem low, it’s important to remember that security seals aren’t locks; they’re designed to tell you if a shipment has been tampered with.
  • Truck Seals: Truck seals are ideal for securing trailer doors, rail cars, and bulk tankers. They are typically made of plastic, although they’re sometimes made of metal. Truck seals come in a few different varieties, including flat seals and ball-end seals. At, our truck seals come at a standard length of 7.5 inches with a break strength of 60 pounds.

At, all three varieties of our security seals come with stock or custom options. So, whether you’re looking for a stock option that ships as soon as the same day or a custom option where you can customize logos and colors, you’re sure to find what you need. Security Seals With Crazy-Fast Shipping

When you need security seals, you need them fast. In manufacturing and transportation, there’s just no wiggle room for shipment delays. At, we understand how important it is to stay on schedule. That’s why we offer 24-48 hour shipping times on both stock and custom security seals.

Ready to get started? View our full selection of seals on our website, or give us a call at +1-855-947-8433 between 8:30 AM—5:30 PM ET to discuss your exact needs and how we can help.

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