How Do You Remove a High Security Truck Seal?

International and sensitive cargo transportation requires taking security measures to keep the containers and trailers safe from theft or contamination. What can you use to make sure nothing is tampered with? Security seals. A high security truck seal makes sure the shipment stays secure throughout the whole transportation process. Let’s explore the features of high security seals, including how you can remove them.

What Are High Security Truck Seals?

High security truck seals are intended to prevent unauthorized access to a storage container. These seals comply with world customs’ international standards and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) security seal requirements. Such seals serve as a low-cost means of supplying tamper-proof entry into sensitive places, and are designed to assist in detecting and discouraging theft or contamination—whether unintentional or intentional. High security seals must be branded with unique serial numbers, which increases tamper resistance and provide great protection for containers. The classification of high security seals is designated by the letter “H,” which is one of three classes of security seals.

There are two kinds of high security truck seals:

  • Bolt Seals: Single-use security seals that feature a bolt that fits into a shipping container or container door latch, and a cap that clicks on to secure it. Bolt seals need a tool, such as bolt cutters, to remove.
  • Cable Seals: Single-use security seals that are made of a metal cable that slides through a latch on trailers and shipping containers. Once looped through, it locks when the cable is pushed back through the pawl. These seals offer both physical security and tamper evidence since they need a tool to remove them, and they split into separate strands that cannot be resealed when cut.

Some of these seals might be “e-seals” or seals with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) embedded in them to track them electronically. This is another step in maintaining security and discouraging tampering, but it is not commonly used.

What Is an ISO 17712 Seal?

In order to pass ISO 17712:2013, high security seals are independently evaluated by an approved lab. This evaluation comprises a number of structural tests, construction requirements, and tamper evident testing. To prohibit the substitution of either part of a seal, each ISO 17712 compliant seal has a unique number on both the seal body and the seal head. Sometimes, laser marking—which cannot be removed—is used for compliance. The World Customs Organization’s Framework of standards and the US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) have both supported and promoted the usage of ISO compatible seals.

To comply with ISO 17712, all security seals must contain the following features:

  • Distinctive, and therefore challenging to duplicate
  • Simple to inspect that the seal was properly applied and not defective
  • At least 18 millimeters in diameter
  • Easily destroyed and rendered useless after being removed 
  • Satisfy the standard’s tensile strength requirements of 1,900 kg

How Do You Open a Sealed Container Using High Security Seals?

High security truck seals removal requires specialized equipment, such as bolt cutters or pliers, to open. This is because they are constructed of various metals or metal alloys. Because they are designed to be single-use, there is no way to remove the seals without destroying them. The seal’s pin should be cut along its length to open it. This removal process applies to both high security cable seals and bolt seals, which you cannot open manually. 

Before you remove a high security truck seal, it is essential you check for any signs of tampering. It’s possible that a heavy instrument was used in an effort to remove the seal if the metal bolt of the seal shows signs of having been cut, the barrel is misshapen, or there are crimp marks on it. Additionally, the pin and barrel of the seal should have the same number.

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