What Are Seals In Trucking?

Seals in trucking aren’t the playful animals you’re used to seeing at the zoo. They’re plastic clasps and bolts that protect cargo from being tampered with. But these devices don’t just give the shipper, driver, and recipient peace of mind. Security seals are sometimes even required by international freight regulations

Whether you need simple plastic truck trailer seals for light hauls, or a heavy duty security seal to protect cargo on its journey, here’s the ZipTie.Com guide to finding the right “truck seals near me” and getting them in a matter of days, not months.

What Is a Truck Seal?

A truck seal is a plastic device that is attached to a trailer or container after it is shut. These seals are not intended to hold the trailer closed all on their own, but instead prove that the trailer has not been opened during transit. There are three main types of tamper-evident security seals:

  • Basic Cable Seals: These plastic seals are used to wrap around the latch of the trailer, proving the door has not been opened. 
  • Pull-Tight Truck Seals: These plastic seals are longer than the basic seal to secure more uniquely-shaped or larger latches on a truck.
  • Bolt Seals: These plastic seals don’t cinch closed, but rather click together, and have to be removed with bolt cutters to access the cargo.

What Are Cable Seals Used For?

Cable seals and their cousins, pull-tight seals, are used to prove that cargo trailers (or containers) have not been opened since they left their point of origin. If the cable seal has adequate strength, it can also serve as a secondary lock on the trailer. However, relying on a cable or pull-tight seal to hold your trailer closed by itself can mean you arrive at your destination with the seal broken due to bumps in the road. This might lead to the whole shipment being rejected by its intended recipient.

What Is a Bolt Seal Used For?

Bolt seals are used to hold shut a trailer or shipping container. They are much stronger than cable seals, and can be relied on to hold the container closed by themselves. Bolt seals are most often used in international shipping and hauling. For cargo to make it through customs at any border, it will need to be fitted with a bolt seal that meets the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

What Is a High Security Truck Seal?

Bolt seals are the strongest truck security seal and the hardest to remove. But all the types of seals we have described do come with security protections in the form of unique serial numbers that are assigned to the shipment in question. To understand why, let’s dig deeper into the full purpose of these little gadgets.

What Are Security Seals Used For?

Security seals are used to ensure the integrity of your cargo. The serial numbers on the seals also connect the manufacturer, shipper, and recipient in a documented chain of custody. This is important for all parties to manage their liability and for law enforcement if something out of the ordinary catches their attention. If a shipment doesn’t contain the expected materials, the serial number on the seal lets everyone know who to get in touch with to follow up on the confusion. 

If you look at the picture of a truck seal or pull-tight seal, you might think it’s the same thing as a zip tie, and someone could easily replace it after they open the cargo. But the design is actually more sophisticated and tamper-proof than a simple zip tie. The serial number and other identifying elements on the cable seal cannot be duplicated quickly when the cargo is in transit. In fact, one of the DOT seal requirements is that if your cargo is opened on the road by a law enforcement officer, they should provide you with a new security seal that has a new serial number, as well as paperwork to certify why your cargo was opened. According to Customs and Border Protection, the original seal that is broken should be placed just inside the trailer so the recipient can find it when the shipment arrives. 

Security seals are in high demand, because they are essential for almost any shipment before the driver hits the road. This is why most manufacturers of security seals will not be able to deliver an order with fast turnaround time. But just because security seals are so important doesn’t mean you should have to wait months to refresh your inventory.

Get Truck Seals Shipped Within 48 Hours From ZipTie.Com

ZipTie.com uses innovative production and customization practices to ship truck cable seals or bolt seals orders in a matter of days or even hours. Our laser etching processes are just one of the innovations that allow us to create custom truck seals more quickly than any of our competitors. Whatever color and type of seal you need, we can provide it. Even better, we document which numbers are included in your order and pick up your next batch right where this one leaves off. Or, if you don’t mind doing your internal security seal tracking with random serial numbers, you can order from our stock for even faster shipping. 

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