What Is the Strongest Type of Zip Tie?

Zip ties (or cable ties) come in many forms, shapes, sizes, and strengths—all suited to fit different jobs. But what if your job requires a more heavy duty approach? If that’s the case, heavy duty zip ties are just what you need. There are many options to choose from, but how do you know which one to pick, and how do you know it’s going to bring the strength your job requires?

If these are the questions you’re looking to answer, look no further. Here, we’re going to give you an overview of the strongest zip ties on the market, how they’re rated, and what they’re used for. You’ll be able to confidently select the right tie for your business, and we’ll leave you with more resources to answer your questions. Let’s dive right in! First, we’ll talk about how zip ties are categorized.

How Are Cable Ties Rated?

Zip tie strength is measured in loop tensile strength (LTS), which is the amount of weight that can be applied to a zip tie’s locking mechanism once it has been fastened. This is tested on a machine specifically designed for this purpose. The zip tie is closed and tightened onto the machine, which then slowly attempts to pull the zip tie apart until it eventually breaks. The amount of force required to break the zip tie is then recorded, and that weight limit is what is listed by most manufacturers. We at ZipTie.com rigorously test their cable ties to ensure that they consistently meet their standards.

We can categorize them into five primary ranges of strength:

  • Miniature – 18 pounds
  • Intermediate – 40-45 pounds 
  • Standard – 50-75 pounds
  • Heavy Duty – 120-175 pounds 
  • Extra Heavy Duty – 200–350 pounds

Another thing to keep in mind is that zip ties come in different thicknesses and material types, which means the target numbers of force vary depending on the kind of tie, how thick it is, and what it’s going to be used for. This, of course, means that some ties are stronger than others. Automotive zip ties, for example, typically have an LTS range of anywhere from 18 to 250 pounds.

What Are the Strongest Cable Ties?

In general, metal zip ties are the strongest, though there are also some strong zip ties made of nylon. All heavy duty (and extra heavy duty) zip ties are specifically designed to be as strong and as durable as possible, though ones made of stainless steel can also withstand extreme temperatures, vibration and even radiation. On metal zip ties, the shank (typically the weakest part of the device) is made of metal, which greatly increases its capabilities. They can get pretty strong, too; at ZipTie.com, the strongest zip tie we have can withstand up to 350 pounds, and we can make custom ties that are even stronger! It’s also worth noting that while nylon zip ties are weaker than metal ones, they are still nothing to scoff at, as their tensile strength can reach up to 175 pounds.

Additionally, you can expect stainless steel zip ties to last quite a while. They typically can endure for about five years or more, barring any sustained extreme conditions or exceptional circumstances. If they’re needed in an outdoor setting, zip ties can also be made UV resistant to withstand continuous exposure to sunlight radiation, which can cause zip ties to lose flexibility and ultimately break.

What Are Metal Zip Ties Used For?

You likely won’t see metal zip ties being used around the house or in your office. That’s because they’re reserved for extreme environments and high loads—oftentimes outdoors, and oftentimes securing things like hoses or cables. They are used in many industries, including automotive, construction, electrical, or even offshore situations. Anywhere the conditions are hardy, the weight is heavy, and failure is not an option, metal zip ties are the best choice.

If you’re looking for a tough zip tie to fit a tough job, we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide selection of zip ties—both nylon and stainless steel—in a wide variety of colors and sizes up to 60 inches in length. We also offer same day shipping and expedited shipping options to ensure that you’ve got the strength and reliability you need, right when you need it.

With rigorous testing and quality control, we at Ziptie.com are confident in our products. If you’re looking to buy the best zip ties out there, explore our full line—including the strongest of the strong—or reach out to us at +1-855-947-8433 between 8:30 AM—5:30 PM ET to talk more about what you’re looking for.

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