What Size Do Zip Ties Come In?

Lots of people don’t wonder how big or how small they can get a zip tie or cable tie–until they need one. Then, the size of these tools becomes very relevant. You sometimes need every scrap of a zip tie to get a job done and close the tie. When you have a skinny gap you need to get a zip tie through, or long zip ties to help your projects go the distance, ZipTie.com has you covered. Let’s jump right into some of the specifics of our catalog.

What Are the Different Sizes of Zip Ties?

You can think about the size of cable zip ties in terms of both length and width. A zip tie can be short and wide, long and thin, or many combinations in-between. With that said, there are some sizes which are in higher demand than others. Some lengths and widths will have dozens of options, while more specialized needs might have only six or seven varieties available.

Zip Ties By Length

Zip ties as short as four inches and long as five feet can be found on ZipTie.com. Click on the length you need in the list below to be redirected to our selection of zip ties in that size.

Zip Ties Less Than One Foot

Zip Ties Between One and Two Feet

Zip Ties Longer Than Two Feet

Zip Ties By Width

The length of zip ties is measured in inches, but their width is measured in millimeters. This is because the majority of zip ties are less than half an inch wide, so measuring in inches doesn’t allow the same precision. Zip ties as narrow as 2.5 mm (0.09”) and as wide as 9 mm (0.3”) are available on ZipTie.com. Click on the width you need in the list below to be redirected to our selection of zip ties in that size.

How Big Are Heavy Duty Zip Ties?

Heavy duty cable ties are judged by their tensile strength. This means how much weight the cable tie/zip tie can hold before it snaps. Heavy duty zip ties are classified as those that can hold at least 120 lbs. There are some on the market that can hold 450 lbs or more. At ZipTie.com, our nylon heavy duty cable tie selection holds from 120-179 lbs. We rigorously test each batch of ties to make sure they all meet the same quality standards.

Usually when a zip tie does break, it is going to be at the head, though the stem (long part) can also break or become weak over time if it is holding too much weight. This is especially true if you choose cheaper zip ties made with lower-quality plastic. ZipTie.com carries mainly high-quality Nylon 6.6 zip ties, which can stand up to temperatures anywhere from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Are the Different Types of Zip Ties?

Why do zip ties come in so many different sizes? Because they have so many different uses! Here are just some of the types of zip ties that might work for you.

  • Low profile zip ties have smaller heads so they can fit into tighter spaces. We carry these in lengths from 7 to 20” and in strengths up to 120 lb. 
  • Stainless steel zip ties are used in the most extreme industrial and commercial applications. We carry these in lengths from 7 to 26” and in strengths up to 350 lb.
  • Screw mount zip ties have an extra part attached to the head so they can be mounted with a screw. We carry these in lengths from 4.3 to 15” and in strengths up to 120 lb.
  • Sharp tip zip ties have a pointed end to the stem which some find easier to close. We carry these in an 8” zip tie with strength up to 75 lb. 
  • Beaded zip ties use a textured stem to close differently than a standard zip tie. Some are even reusable. We carry these in lengths from 4 to 8” with strength up to 18 lb. 
  • Double loop zip ties have two fasteners and a long stem so you can wrap two bundles of cable with the same tie. We carry these in lengths from 6 to 12” and in strengths up to 50 lb.
  • Reusable/releasable zip ties let you unclip the stem from the fastener and pull it back out so the tie can be reused. We carry these in lengths from 6.3 to 15” with strength up to 50 lb. 
  • Fuel hose zip ties are engineered to put even pressure all the way around a fuel, air, or water line being cinched in place. We carry these in lengths from 4 to 8” and in strengths up to 50 lb.

Still don’t see the type or size of zip tie you need? Visit ZipTie.com and do a custom search to find more options.

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